Liquid detergents & Bleach


Atelier Jean Regniers started its activities in detergents and bleach in 1982. 

These two sectors of activity allowed us to combine our manufacturing and packaging skills while maintaining a diversification objective.

Our team of chemists designs and develops formulas according to our customers' requests and their specifications. 

Our 80 production agents fill the production lines, cap the bottles, box and palletise our products, which are manufactured in an automatic and computerised manner, either in a continuous flow for bleach, or in batches of 5 to 10 tonnes for household cleaning products. Our total production capacity is 350 tonnes per day.

Each packaging line is dedicated to a product family. We pack in standard bottles but we are also able to fill a wide range of different formats.

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging while meeting the needs of our customers. All of the PET and HDPE packaging we put on the market is recyclable and safe.  This allows our products to be transported and stored in the best possible way from our production facilities to the consumer.
In this way, we enable the user of our detergents to consume them easily, economically and safely.

We have been ISO9001-2008 certified since 2010, BRC Consumer Products V3 certified since 2011, then IFS and Ecolabel in 2021.

Our products

We package formulas bleach with different concentration levels and different formulations: still, scented or perfumed cleaning.

If you would like more information about INCI compositions, visit the site INCI
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  • Development → manufacture → production → packaging → marketing of bleach, demineralised water and a wide range of liquid household cleaning products.


  • Team of chemists
  • AJR or "Private Label" brand
  • Ecolabel certification
  • Certified external laboratory tests: quality products


  • Efficiency of our products
  • Efficient ecological products

Our customers include mainly Belgian, French, Austrian and Swiss supermarkets and a large number of hard discounters.
We also supply distributors for export.

Our regular range

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Customised range on request

Contact Liquid detergents & Bleach

Eric Bernard , Sales Manager
Courriel : ebernard[at] - Tel : + 32 71 59 91 21

Lina Militello, Aurélie Rochefort, Sales Assistants
Courriel : salestaja[at] - Tel : + 32 71 59 91 40 , +32 71 59 99 58