Your items with specific characteristics (shape, weight, fragility, etc.) do not fit into the framework of automated packaging?  
Do you want to increase your social commitment?
Contact us, our team will pack your items manually so that they stand out for the quality and finish of their packaging.  They will accompany you throughout your project.
Our team has solid experience in packaging. In addition, they are motivated, competent and conscientious, and will enhance, protect, fold and sort your items.
Manual packaging guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and your customers.


  • Unpacking, packing and repacking
  • Assembly, gluing, inserting
  • Packaging, labelling, copacking
  • Wrapping in film, cardboard, bags or tubes
  • Assembly, filling of gift boxes or displays
  • Folding
  • Presentation of your articles, ...
  • etc...


  • Enhancement of your articles
  • Protection of your items
  • Manual and machine packaging


  • Food packaging in a clean room
  • Safety and traceability of your products


«I had the opportunity to visit Atelier Jean Regniers and the work done there is impressive. The workers are diligent and dedicated. I entrusted the labelling of my Duma cosmetics to this adapted work company and I am very happy with it. It took the strain off me and also allowed me to participate in a social commitment!

I got to know the director of this ETA through the Dames De La Réunion.

Bravo to #AJR! »

Anita Zigah, Founder and promoter of the Duma Clean Cosmetic brand.

Contact Packaging

Bénédicte Marchewka, Sales Manager
Courriel : bmarchewka[at] - Mobile +32 498 61 04 56

Valérie Druez, Sales Assistant

Courriel : vdruez[at] - Tel : + 32 71 59 91 28 - Fax : + 32 71 59 91 34