Job offer

Job offer

The Atelier Jean Regniers is regularly looking for new employees, to build up a recruitment reserve to compensate for variations in the volume of work or to recruit new skills.

The primary mission of the AJR is to provide employment to people who meet the AViQ criteria for referral to the Adapted Work Enterprise, but we also sometimes recruit able-bodied staff for slightly more specific positions.

Contact : Christian Guyaux - Tel : + 32 71 59 91 20  

Job file

In order to complete your employment file, it is useful to go to the social service with the following documents

1) Decision to work in ETA issued by the AViQ
2) Household composition
3) Copy of identity card
4) Mutual insurance voucher

If you are in possession of all these documents when you come to the Workshop, we will be able to proceed much more quickly with your application.

Contacts :
A.J.R. : + 32 71 59 91 38

Social workers :
Antipas Julie, jantipas[at]

Martinis Caroline, cmartinis[at]

Orlane Vanderbeken, ovanderbeken[at]