The Sewing department was created in 1972, with the main goal of occupying people with disabilities (in carts) allowing them to occupy a position within their reach. 
Over time, Sewing is equipped with industrial and high-performance sewing machines. This will allow the extraordinary, involved and qualified team to best meet the expectations of its customers. The main objective of our seamstresses and seamstresses is the satisfaction of its customers.


  • Creation, manufacture, repair and sorting 
  • Prototyping 
  • Natural treatment with beeswax 
  • Support in waste reduction 


  • Collaboration with stylist 
  • Confection of ethical, ecological, natural or organic and trendy items 


  • Articles with characteristics of Ecological Social Responsibility 
  • Confidentiality of the specific characteristics of your articles

Range and Material


Simonette à Bicyclette is "pack, energize, protect, store" with healthy materials such as cottons certified without chemical substances (Oekotex) as well as beeswax certified without pesticide residues.

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 Manufacturing of funeral (body) bags and transport covers in various materials according to clients’ requests (Plastylon Link, biodegradable films, OXO degradable, rubber, …).

Production of nappy changing cushions, mattresses, covers, undersheets, …., all in phtalats-free PVC (as per legislation).

The PVC raw material is bought and supplied to our customers by us.   


Making of baby items (babygrows, room decorations, quilts), curtains, ready-to-wear, prototypes for fashion schools, working clothes,…

Embroidery : AJR has a computerized Brother 6 reels embroidering machine thanks to which we are able to embroider the most complex patterns on fabric.

Our customers tend to be wholesalers or young designers who supply us with the raw materials of their choice (material, waddings, press buttons, ...). 


«La Renarde has chosen to work with Atelier Jean Regniers. This is a guarantee of quality work and good working conditions. Favouring local employment also means favouring our economy and reducing our ecological footprint.»

La Renarde, Pauline Renaux,


«With our desire to revitalise the Belgian textile network and to create local and social employment in the region, it was natural for us to turn to AJR for our production. The team is competent and attentive, and it's always exciting to go to the workshop! We are proving that it is possible to do things differently.»

Lucid designs and develops clothing made from environmentally friendly and human-friendly materials. The clothes are made as close to home as possible in order to support the local economy and increase the resilience of our industries. Lucid wants to positively inspire and demonstrate that it is possible to create clothes without creating problems.
Jean Seyll, Founder

Contacts Sewing

Anne Delmotte - Isabelle Cottin
Courriel : adelmotte[at]ajregniers.beicottin[at]


Tel : + 32 71 59 99 54